Best Love (The Babe Across)

My heart, my love, the angel of my life
My smile, my joy, the wings on which i fly
My flesh, my blood, my diamond in the sky
My sweet sugarpie is the one that brings me pride

When i smile, she laughs, thats how she lights my way
When i’m sad, she cries, she also feels my pain
When i’m down, she’s there, she takes hr time to pray
The one i call my mate will not leave me for a day

We met…by choice, and now the choice is good
She shares…my dreams, she makes it look so true
She’s there…for me, when everything looks blue
She reaches for my goals and makes my strength renewed.

“The babe across” now means so much to me
In sun, in rain, in winter or in snow
She’s all i’ve got, she’s all i’ll ever need
The Taiwo in my life is now the best love that i know.

Notes From The Author:
Dedicated to Taiwo Ojikutu by Leke Ojikutu
Taiwo lives opposite my house b4 we met so i describe her as “the babe across.

This poem can also be seen at where i posted it some years ago.