Wife of Honour


Wife of honour, wife of fate…
wife that cares for me all day;
Wife of glory, wife that’s great..
wife that heaven sent my way.

In times of trouble, she bonds with me…
and makes sure i don’t feel so sick;
In times of trials, she stays so close…
she shows me reasons to have much hope

Wife of power, wife of strength…
wife that lifts me when i’m bent;
Wife of action, wife of zeal…
wife that helps me reach my dreams.

When i’m down she shines a light…
and makes me soar like eagles high;
When i feel all hope is lost…
she gets so low and prays to God.

Notes From The Author:
Dedicated to my wife, Taiwo Ojikutu, By Leke Ojikutu
9th Sept. 2008

This poem can also be found at lovingyou.com where i uploaded it some years ago.

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