My Interview on LTV


I’ve never had the opportunity to discuss my interview on Lagos Television publicly and in order to satisfy the curiousity of those who keep sending me emails concerning this subject, i have decided to share it here on my blog.
Sometime ago, i was on a Lagos Television TV Station(LTV) to discuss The Impact of I.T on the increased revenue generated in Lagos State. I was there im my capacity as a Software Developer from the I.T unit of Lagos State Internal Revenue Service, i had developed the Tax database that manages the different types of states taxes for Lagos state through the IRS. I also used the TV Interview to educate on several malicious methods used by scammers to extort money from taxpayers online and some measure we implemented to curb scamming and phishing of the LIRS website.

vlcsnap-00005The TV program is about taxes and development in Lagos State and my visit marked the first time an I.T professional was brought in to look at the issue from d perspective of technology. I would like to state here for my readers and my customers that have been sending me emails that i am neither a tax consultant nor an accountant, i am a software developer.
I no more work with the Lagos State Internal Revenue Service in any capacity (Staff or Consultant) and i would like to state here that i am available for contract programming and/or consultancy. If you have any questions regarding my stay at LIRS or my interview at LTV, please post a reply to this thread as i would not respond to any more emails on the matter.