Thoughts Within


Many questions will die unanswered
Many thots unspoken
Many mysteries will stay unsolved
Many buried like coffin

The first time I loved in life
The first lady in my heart
What we felt was it really love
Or just a form of lust

The first skills I leant in life
Were they pointers from my heart
Were they meant to show a path
Or some play things by way side.

Is there destiny to be fulfilled
Am I here for some need
Will I ever make it big
Or my mind plays trick on me

Did I evolve from ancient apes
Or God made me to His taste
Is there life on outer space
Or just me and human race

Will my thoughts ever come to light
Will my questions be answered
Will I live to see d time
When I shall soar up high

While I ponder on these things
I have grown so much to see
That not all that we think within
Will one day be made real.

Poet: Ojikutu Adeleke