Glad i married you!

The happiest moments i can remember
Are those I’ve spent with you.
I could never have had a better wife,
I thank God I found you.

Though you’re far away right now,
You are very close to my heart.
My Taiwo is such a bundle of joy
and my gift from God Above.

I love being loved by you
And also loving you.
Thank you for being so close to me
My helpmate and best friend

Today is special to you and I
Because its your birthday
My honey, my sugar, my love, my joy
I love you more each day

Teebaby, my one and only queen
You already have my heart
All i’ve got to give today
Is this poem that i wrote

Keep it close to your precious heart
Till you come back home to me
I want you to always keep in mind
That I’m glad i married you!

Happy Birthday to the woman that makes me complete.

The best wife in the whole world.

–Your Happy Husband