Life Is A Race

Life is a race
Run by the weak and the strong
Running side by side with others
but not against one another

The one that measures our progress
is the one we race against
the track we race upon
did set-up the race for us

Our opponent does not move
yet its both ahead and behind
We race against the track
With a rule that’s undefined

Life is a game
our opponent is also our referee
It set the rules of play
and its the unit By which success is measured

We struggle to get a chance
In a game that’s lost at birth
Our opponent cannot be seen
And yet we dream of winning

We are graded by time
In this game against time
where time itself never looses
yet we think its time that’s needed for us to win

Life is a journey
and the map is just a loop
the point from which we start
is the exact point that we will end

In this journey in a circle
there are no signs or guidelines
We compete against one another
when in truth, our success is not relative to others.

Life is a war
yet we fight it like a battle
our adversary is the very ground
upon which we fight our own kin

We fight upon what we fight for
yet its the very thing we are fighting against
in the end, it swallows us all up
Our victory is also our only end

Life is an irony
everyone it makes, it also kills
You may be privileged or be poor
in the end, we are all numb and cold.

Everything it teaches is blurred
Deceptive and cold, it’s no friend or foe
The concept of human existence
has a goal we are yet to know.

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