About me

Leke Ojikutu

Welcome to my website. My name is Adeleke Ojikutu (as you’ve probably noticed from the name at the top of the site). I am a seasoned programmer/software developer with over 14 years experience (from the days of QBASIC and FORTRAN to PHP, JAVA, DOT.NET and others). My major strengths are in interactivity, web applications, mobile phone applications and desktop application software development.

I have been with organisations like Bluebox Macromedia West Africa LTD, Lumeworks Entertainment LTD, IT Unit of Lagos State Internal Revenue Service (IRS), 360 Consult LTD, Gracesoft Nigeria, Afrisoft Interactive and few others.

In 2010, i decided to strike out on my own. Since then I’ve done contract programming, consultancy, taught classes on PHP/MySQL, served as Webmaster, developed software for federal government parastatals/agencies, developed software copy protection algorithms to prevent piracy, developed numerous free/opensource programs/scripts, helped to develop large complex systems for internet commerce and live video streaming and been involved in organizing and processing massively large amounts of data.
I also developed VoguePay.com (Nigeria best online payment processor 2014).
Recently, i have been involved in building robust ERPs (Enterprise Resource Packages) for Groups of Companies.

Technical skill summary

Languages: PHP, .NET, C#, JAVA and others
Operating Systems: Linux, Windows, MAC, Android and IOS.
Database Experiance: MySQL, MS SQL, SQLite, MS Access and others
You will find my personal blogs, projects, articles, thesis, applications and many more on this site but note that everything on this web site is purely my personal works and opinions. They do not reflect the works and opinions of my employers or clients.