Step by step, day by day

Times and seasons, heat and cold
I know not what my future holds
I have watched how time unfolds
And how the young slowly becomes old.

Fears and pressures, dreams and goals
Every stage comes with its own
Failure or success has its roles
The one I feed is the one that grows.

Battles and games, fight and play
I have learnt of pains and gains
Success is short-lived, failure is a phase
Nothing shapes my future than choices today.

Tears and smiles, sun and rain
I’ll face the fate that comes my way
Until my heart can smile at my fate
I won’t give up till I win this race.

Step by step and day by day
I have resolved to stand straight
Hold on to dreams despite the pain
‘Till life and dreams become the same.

Today in my life marks a new phase
I thank you Lord for this special day
Throughout my life, You’ve shown your grace
Glad I lived to see my birthday.
Happy Birthday to me!
Poem by Leke Ojikutu
29th April 2015




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