Nothing is Lacking

NothingNothing is lacking yet nothing to own
Our world is full of plenty and lack
There’s so much to go round yet little to get
The only thing thats missing is balance of needs.

So much water yer so much thirst
Abundance of food yet hunger persists
Enough wealth to go round yet poverty abounds
We live together, yet we are worlds apart.

We are far from each other like darkness and light
The excess he has is the little she needs
He’swilling to give and she’s willing to get
Yet he wastes it all and she dies of lack.

So much peace talks yet war persists
We differ so much in the things we share
Being alive has meanings diverse
How can all humans be happy and share

There’s cure for disease yet many will die
The cure they need is out of their reach
There’s so much data yet ignorance at peak
maybe its time to help the weak

–Author: Leke Ojikutu

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